Winter 2021



Hands-on experience prepared by our lab for the high school sophomore cohort of girls in the Eureka! STEM program (Girls, In)

Seema and Annie presenting their research at Virtual Research Poster Symposium UNL - Rothamsted (UK)

Spring 2021


Summer 2020

Seema working on the new outreach ideas.
"Moving" sorghum field to lab.
There is never a bad time for art. The sorghum field site at the dawn during the collection of leaf samples.
Summer field team of CRRI project (from left Rachel, Seema, Annie and Quinn). 
LI6800F unleashed in the sorghum field.
Marcin Grzybowski (Schnabel Lab) in the sorghum field. Nobody knows the map of this field better than Marcin.  
Coffee Meniscus Convex (grant writing).
Weekly meeting of Regulation of Photosynthetic Processes Project (from the top left to bottom right: Aline Rodrigues de Queiroz, Kasia Glowacka, Rebecca Roston, Nate Bickford, Connor Hines, Julie Stone, Nicole Buan and Jithesh Vijayan). 


Annie engineering the template for tobacco plot.
Ice cream celebration.
Matt and Himani in the CRRI corn field.
Hands-on lab experience for Woman in Science Conference for high school students.
Jared with Matt setting the Miscanthus field.
Annie working on her first tobacco transformation.
Annie and Jared getting ready for visitors during Fascination in Plant Day. 
Laboratory activity for high school students in the Upward Bound program.

 Fall 2018

Grand Challenges Annual Meeting Berlin, Germany (from the left: host of the meeting, Berlin mural and Spree River).
NC1200 meeting in St. Louis, MO.
Go Big RED!
CRRI project family, Lincoln, NE.