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Welcome to the Glowacka Lab!

Our long-term research goal is to increase resiliency of crops to climate change through improving water use efficiency and tolerance to chilling temperatures.  We are interested in identifying new genetic sources and molecular mechanisms associated with stomata behavior and chilling tolerant photosynthesis.


To reach our aims we combine study of the natural genetic variation with plant physiology and application of synthetic biology. Our research scales from the level of the gene to cell, from leaf to whole plant and its performance in the field. We embrace a broad variety of approaches, including bioinformatics, breeding, genome modification, gene editing, confocal microscopy, imaging of chlorophyll fluorescence, biochemical assays and various physiological tools with emphasis of photosynthetic gas exchange analysis.


optical section of the leaf; confocal microscope 

optical section of the leaf; confocal microscope 

transformation of model crop of tobacco

stomatal complexe; optical topometer 

soybean and corn, crops of Midwest

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